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    Release Date: September 22, 2017
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    2017 R2 Service Pack 3 Fixes and Improvements:

    • Fixed an issue where holding down Ctrl while clicking the left mouse button on a feature in the CAD window did not jump to that feature in the Edit window.
    • Fixed an issue where if the measurement routine contained an EMPTY COPOPER command that was above the COP command, and the reference to a COP was lost, the desired COP could not be selected.
    • Fixed wrong Read Position coordinates on the slave arm when auto features in a dual-arm measurement routine were executed.
    • Fixed an issue with the management of wrist angles and extension lengths when performing tool changes with an HD wrist that involve both an HR-R rack and a separate stylus changer rack.
    • Fixed an issue where the Graphic Display view did not orient correctly if you used a portable laser probe to scan in a direction with a negative Z component.
    • Fixed an issue where, for vector points, the actual values reset to the nominal values when the measurement routine was saved and reopened.
    • Fixed an issue where probes were not drawn in the Graphic Display window after deserialization.
    • Fixed an issue where laser features could not be extracted from a cloud of points inside a subroutine.
    • Fixed an issue where the ".executedcommands" automation method would fail when combined with loop logic in the Edit window.
    • In version 2017 R1, we were adding name Custom Material to material coefficient file when user would type CTE which is not available in the file. This causes confusion. In order to keep material coefficient file clean, this change will not add 'Custom Material" in material coefficient file.
    • Fixed an issue where the Position dimension size value lower tolerance was always using 0.
    • Fixed an issue where an extra header line appeared in the Excel output for "Form" location axes. Flatness, Roundness, and Straightness may have generated the extra line.
    • Excel output now pays attention to any alignment change to represent the output.
    • When an Automation application opened or created a measurement routine or an inspection plan using the Automation 1.0 methods listed below and supplied a CAD file name, PC-DMIS marked the CAD file as "Modified" and used the current schema to save the file. This caused issues with INSPECT. The affected methods were:
      • PartPrograms.OpenRoutine(..)
      • PartPrograms.OpenInspectionPlan(..)
      • PartPrograms.CreateRoutine(..)
      • PartPrograms.CreateRoutineFromInspectionPlan(..)
      • PartPrograms.CreateInspectionPlan(..)
      • PartPrograms.CreateInspectionPlanFromPlanXml(..)
    After PC-DMIS loads the CAD file, it now marks the file as "Not Modified".
    • Added the DriverVersion public property to the PC-DMIS COM interface machine object. This read-only property returns the driver version for your measurement machine. It returns version information from the machine interface call driver_get_version.
    • Fixed a Find Hole functionality issue with the I++ interface.
    • The graphical analysis point size value in the Analysis area in the Auto Feature dialog box now converts to the selected unit when you create a new measurement routine.
    • Fixed an issue where the path line color was wrong if PC-DMIS detected a collision between the probe and the CAD surfaces.
    • Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS may have stopped working when you chose to import all CAD GD&T callouts.
    • Fixed an issue where the FDC interface may have returned incorrect AB angles for hit data.
    • Fixed an issue where some probe extension arrangements were not properly recognized as being eligible for refinement calibration.
    • Fixed an issue where a measurement routine stopped executing when an AUTOCALIBRATE command that was marked for Arm2 was run. This was caused by a communication issue that occurred when the tool.dat file was sent to Arm2.
    • The values for the Pt. Size, + Tol, and - Tol advanced measurement options in the Analysis area in the Auto Feature dialog box are expressed in the current measurement units (mm or inch).
    • This fix allows multiple surfaces or wires/edges to be selected by holding the Ctrl key and left clicking on these in the CAD window.
    • Fixed an issue where the fwlib32.dll file was not installed on the computer.
    • Enabled the update work offset function to work correctly.

    2017 R2 Service Pack 2 Fixes and Improvements:

    • The "Passthru To Controller" command sends commands to the NC controller. You can use the prefix "CWS", which represents the Precitec controller (CWS), and the token "#" to send commands to the Precitec controller.
      • For example, to take a dark reference, in the Edit window, enter the command CWS#$DRK in the Edit window.
      • CWS# - Sends the command to the Precitec controller. $DRK - Starts taking the dark reference.
      • If there is no prefix (CWS#), the PassThru command is sent to the NC controller.
      • This solution works for FDC-SLC and FDC-VisionBox. It does not work with embedded controllers.
    • Fixed an issue where some B-spline surfaces that represented a cone were incorrectly identified as a cylinder.
    • Fixed an issue where the descriptions of some items were missing from the Setup Options dialog box in the Chinese Simplified language pack.
    • Fixed an issue where some printers caused PC-DMIS to not print textual data at the bottom of a report page. PC-DMIS now queries a printer multiple times for a font size so that the data fits on the report. 

    2017 R2 Service Pack 1 Fixes and Improvements:

    • Updated the interface for the Faro arm with contact probing capability to 64-bit.
    • For Leitz and common controllers, when temperature compensation was turned on in the controller for the workpiece, the MOVABS position command was adjusted by the compensated values. To keep compatibility with FDC, we added new capability to decompensate the position.
    • Fixed a runtime error executing AUTOCALIBRATE with TEMPCOMP in a dual-arm measurement routine.
    • Fixed an issue where the descriptions of some items were missing from the Setup Options dialog box in the Chinese Simplified language pack.
    • Fixed an issue where editing a feature vector may have caused an incorrect display in the Live View.
    • Fixed an issue with the level functionality of quick fixture. If an item had never been moved, a bad vector was used; this caused the item to disappear.
    • Fixed an issue where rotating the rotary table could result in the incorrect drawing of the feature in the Live View.
    • Fixed an issue where extra geometry sometimes displayed after a mirror operation.
    • Fixed an issue where the position of the rotary table was not updated after 4 Axis scanning.
    • Fixed RDS (CAA wrist) support for the CMMOS interface.
    • Due to the implementation of simplified temperature compensation in PC-DMIS 2017 R2, the temperature compensation for dual arm did not work. This issue fixes temperature compensation in dual arm. Dual-arm machines will now be able to use the original temperature compensation command and continue to compensate part measurement for temperature.
    • Fixed an issue with constructed circle's outlier filter.
    • Fixed an issue where data was incorrectly exported in IGES format when the Pointcloud Export command was used, and the file type was set to XYZ or PSL.

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