Service Notice: Technical Support Changes – Spring 2018
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  • Service Notice: Technical Support Changes – Spring 2018

    The Technical Support Portal at will be undergoing a transition this spring. The hosted site that we use is being discontinued by Microsoft in May 2018. As a result, we are developing an all-new support platform to replace this site.  There will be changes in appearance and functionality, culminating in new customer service and support features that the current platform couldn’t accommodate. Some things never change, though - you can still expect the same high level of support and responsiveness!
    Frequently Asked Questions:
    What should I do to prepare?
    As the current system has some significant limitations with data export, we will be unable to migrate prior tickets and ticket history to the new system.  We therefore encourage you to review your ticket history and print or print to PDF any ticket information you would like to keep for future reference.

    Will you store old ticket information?
    We are making every attempt to archive old ticket information in the event it is needed at some time in the future, but it will not be easily accessible, and it will not be online. This is why we strongly recommend that you review your history and save anything you think you may need for the future.
    Will I have to re-register for the new Support Portal?
    When will this change take place? 
    Prior to May 2018.  Watch this site for further details.

    On behalf of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, we wish to thank you, our customers and partners, for your continued loyalty and support as we transition to an all-new, world-class service platform.

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