What is the procedure to check and update the SMA expiration date on my portlock?
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  • What is the procedure to check and update the SMA expiration date on my portlock?

    To update the expiration date on your portlock, we need to gather some information first.


    For PC-DMIS versions 2012 MR1 and up:


    1. Open PC-DMIS
    2. Select Help > About PC-DMIS > click on the button labelled "View license details"
    3. Near the bottom of the window is a button called “Save Module List”.  
    4. Once pressed, the utility will prompt you to save a file called modulelist.txt
    5. Save it to a location you have access to as "Portlock number v#.txt". Numbering the file will be helpful if you have multiple licenses
    6. Sign in to the Support Center and Submit a ticket (or reply to an existing ticket) making sure to attach the file created to the ticket or email.
    7. Our technical support team will create an update file (*.pwd) for you and respond via your ticket.
    8. Upon receipt of your pwd file, follow these instructions to update your portlock: How do I run a portlock update file (*.pwd)?


    Note:  Occasionally some email systems will block our ticket system's emails.  You can always visit http://support.hexagonmetrology.us to access any tickets, files or downloads that you may need.


    Or To create the module list for versions of PC-DMIS 2012 and older, please see: 

    How do I generate a portlock module list (PC-DMIS 2012 and older)?

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