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    Please note: These policies apply to classes conducted in the USA only.  Click here for all training questions.


    General Questions

    How do I sign up for a training class?

    Should I take a course online or in the classroom?

    Can I get training at my facility?

    Can I get trained on a Legacy software package like MeasureMax, MMIV, Chorus, Tutor, etc?



    What is HexagonMetrologyU?

    What are the system requirements to use HexagonMetrologyU?

    I am having trouble accessing HexagonMetrologyU, what do I do?

    I click on the "Enter" button and a window comes up, but nothing happens.

    I signed up for a class on HexagonMetrologyU but the lessons are locked


    About the Training Class

    How can I prepare for my classroom training?

    Do we need to bring anything with us to class?

    Can I bring my parts to my training class?

    What if I want to attend a class in a specific location, but no classes are shown?

    Where are the Hexagon Metrology Solution/Precision Centers? How will I know where to stay?


    Purchasing Training

    How do I pay for my training?

    I don’t have my Purchase Order number yet, should I still sign up?

    Can the web store accept purchase orders?


    Training Credits

    How do I know if I have a training credit?

    Do training credits expire?

    Can we use our training credits for anything else?

    Can I use my training credits online?

    Can I tell if I have a training credit online?


    Class Cancellation and No-Show Policies

    What if I can’t make it to my training class?

    Does Hexagon Metrology ever cancel a class?


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