What should be included in a new Ticket?
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  • What should be included in a new Ticket?

    Here is a quick list of good information to include in a new ticket.

    • A brief summary of the issue - Iterative Question, Scan Settings, Reporting problem, XactMeasure dimension, etc.
    • A description including Software, Version (see Help - About software), is it a new program or does it happen with programs from previous versions.
    • Was anything changed on your system?
    • Please note the Feature/Dimension names involved.
    • Operating system.  WIN7 or WinXP?
    • Hardware information, including machine type, probe type.
    • Is it a recurring problem?
    • Zip and attach prg,cad, prb files, report files, PDF files of the Part Drawing for Xact questions, Screen Captures (How do I Zip or Unzip Files?)
    • Note the Ticket Number and see that your email address is correct after submission.

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