How do I download a new version of my software?
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  • How do I download a new version of my software?

    The Hexagon Support Center has an extensive library of downloads including all the newest versions of your favorite software including PC-DMIS, Quindos, DataPage+ and others.

    Instructions to download your software.

    1. First you must have an account on the Hexagon Support Center.  It's free and easy, you create one here: create an account or if you already have an account simply sign in!
    2. Then click the Downloads tab at the top of this page or use this direct link: Hexagon Metrology Support Downloads.
    3. On the resulting Downloads webpage pick the most appropriate download category from the right sidebar.
    Note: The Downloads sidebar looks very similar to the Knowledgebase article sidebar to your right, but has Get Started - Downloads as the first folder. The example shows how to find a particular PC-DMIS Service Pack. Click the SP by name to access the download.
    1. You can also use the search box at the top right to find your software after you sign in and go to Downloads.
    2. For system requirements for the various versions use these links:
    PC-DMIS: What are the System Requirements to run PC-DMIS?
    Quindos: What are the system requirements for Quindos 7?

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