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    Release Date: August 09, 2016
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    DataPage+ 5.2 Fixes and Improvements:

    • Added support for the QianShao_DigitalGradienter hand gage in the DataGage+ application.
    • Added the ability to view the graphical analysis data for a selected part in the DataMonitor application.
    • Added the ability to lock the Options tab in the DataMonitor application so that operators can access only the Filter tab.
    • Added the ability to export part data in the qs-STAT format.
    • Added the ability to archive older transactions. This reduces the amount of visible transactions and can improve the application's performance.
    • Added a new check box, Call DataMonitor after check, in the DataImporter application to open the DataMonitor application. This happens after each execution of a measurement routine and each import of a data file.
    • Added a Part Qa Target Setting dialog box to define multiple qualification target values for different date ranges.
    • Added support for the Oracle database.
    • Added a search box in the Part view screen to filter and search a specific part.
    • Created an SQL script to insert an "Administrator" account into the "User" table of the DataPage+ database. This helps you recover the "Administrator" account if someone accidentally deletes it.
    • Added the ability to view the part's .pdf drawing in the DataGage+ application for the purpose of dimension inspection.
    • Created a License Viewer tool to view the license information.
    • Added the ability to view the part's .dxf drawing in the DataGage+ tool for the purpose of dimension inspection. If you select any dimension in the data grid, the window zooms in on the dimension in the .dxf image.
    • Added a Chart type list in the Monitor Options dialog box to display Individual, Subgroup, Cumulative Probability, ATT Test, and Histogram charts on the Chart tab.
    • Added the ability to set the value of the last transactions for a part.
    • Added a setting to display a feature or dimension and its deviation in the blanket report.
    • Added the ability to control the display of the textual data on the left of the graphical chart for the target plot. The textual output of the tested points shows out-of-tolerance values in red text and in- tolerance values in green text.
    • Removed the old Queries dialog box and instead added two new dialog boxes:
      • A Part Queries dialog box with trace names for all the part.
      • A Transaction Queries dialog box with trace names of the part you select from the Part view.
    • Added the ability to define multiple criteria when you define queries. You can now use a logical AND operator and an OR operator on each row.
    • Added Revision Number and STATS items into the Rows list of the Data Report Options dialog box.
    • Added the ability to install the Demo database in a separate directory for each version of DataPage+. 
    WebReporter 5.2 Fixes and Improvements:
    • Added a QZ chart, a QZ Blanket Report, and a QZ Detail Report in the WebReporter application.
    • Added a WebReport Service Settings utility tool for an administrator to view detailed information about logged on users. This also allows an administrator to force users to log off from the application.
    • Created a web based help file for the WebReporter application.

    DataPage+ 5.0 Service Pack 1 Fixes and Improvements:

    • Max/Min Profile Dimension values are now correctly displaying in Text Reports.
    • In all license types (HASP w/ and w/out DataView+; LMS w/ and w/out DataView+), all report types now are available in the “Export to Excel” function, “Dimension Colors” dialog is now available under the “Tools” menu, the “Detail View” option is now available in the “Feature Monitor” tab.
    • In all license types (HASP w/ and w/out DataView+; LMS w/ and w/out DataView+), saving reports as both WebReporter and Report Viewer types now works correctly.

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